Experts Exchange Rebrand Video

GammaFX has recently helped a membership-based IT website Experts Exchange in updating their brand by providing media content. 

Experts Exchange is the tech professional on-demand resource for solving difficult technical problems. In need of re-branding GammaFX team was asked to create a brand new intro (in the style of the new website) and shoot the introductory videos showcasing the new and improved features of the Experts Exchange website.



The three videos were shot on site at the main offices and featured the CEO of Experts Exchange Brian Clausen . Having never talked on the camera before, Brian was not an easy task to work with but the professionalism and extreme patience of GammaFX team got the job done. 

Thanks to the quick responsiveness of Experts Exchange team, the editing process and revisions went very smooth and the videos were delivered on time for the launch of the new Experts Exchange website.