GoDaddy SSL & FireFox: “Unable to verify the identity of…”

Recently we have moved some of our clients websites to a new server.  We have properly configured SSL Certs according to the instructions from  During testing we have discovered that the secure portions of the sites were generating an error when accessed with FireFox.  The popup error alerted users that the SSL certificates authenticity can not be verified…

Unable to verify the identity of as a trusted site

Solution: There is an error in Godaddy instructions that prevent the certificate from properly installing.

Here are the instructions as found on GoDaddy’s website:

Installing Intermediate Certificate Bundle (gd_iis_intermediates.p7b):

  1. Select Run from the start menu; then type mmc to start the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
  2. In the Management Console, select File; then “Add/Remove Snap In.”
  3. In the Add/Remove Snap-In dialog, select Add.
  4. In the Add Standalone Snap-in dialog, choose Certificates; then click the Add button.
  5. Choose Computer Account; then click Next and Finish.
  6. Close the Add Standalone Snap-in dialog and click OK on the Add/Remove Snap-in dialog to return to the main MMC window.
  7. If necessary, click the + icon to expand the Certificates folder so that the Intermediate Certification Authorities folder is visible.
  8. Right-click on Intermediate Certification Authorities and choose All Tasks; then click Import.
  9. Follow the wizard prompts to complete the installation procedure.
  10. Click Browse to locate the certificate file (gd_iis_intermediates.p7b).
  11. Choose Place all certificates in the following store; then use the Browse function to locate Intermediate
  12. Certification Authorities. Click Next.
  13. Click Finish. 

The step #8 talks about right clicking on “Intermediate Certification Authorities” folder.  Although following these instructions results in “successful import” message, the installation fails.

To correct this, instead of step 8 try the following:

  1. Click the + icon to expand the contents of the Intermediate Certification Authorities folder.
  2. Right-click on Certificates folder and choose All Tasks; then click Import. 
  3. Proceed with Step 9 in the instructions above.

After you are done, you may want to restart IIS.  To do it go to Start > Run type in CMD + enter to launch the command prompt.  Type in iisreset and hit enter.

Hope this helps…