Microsoft adCenter Upgrade

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This weekend, Microsoft adCenter will upgrade with new features.

You’ll see improvements to the editorial review of your ads, increased reporting capabilities, and new campaign management features.

Upgrade highlights:

  • Instant editorial feedback on your ads and keywords during the
    creation process.
  • Receive one editorial e-mail per account per day for your newly disapproved ads or keywords with consolidated e-mail notifications.
  • Improved speed means your campaign updates can go live faster.
  • Intuitive reporting functionalities allow you to easily analyze and optimize your reports with interactive filtering, sorting, and graphs.
  • Flexible budgeting for your campaigns. Now you can set a daily budget target with a maximum spend per month.
  • Substitute default dynamic text to be used if your inserted keyword or placeholders cause the ad to exceed the maximum character limit.

Read Microsoft adCenter Feature Release Guide: MS adCenter Feature Release Guide (10/26/2007)
to learn how to use all of the new features from this upgrade.

You can also visit Microsoft adCenter Blog:
for detailed feature reviews.

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