Shopatron Improves Their Bidding System

To help increase efficiency Shopatron, launched the new “Quick Bid” tool today. The Quick Bid was developed entirely based on feedback garnered from Shopatron’s fulfillment partners.

This new tool, allows you to place multiple bids at once, and requires less jumping back and forth between screens. The Quick Bid also lets you quickly select, save, and re-use your order viewing filters.

Here are some basic features of the new tool:

  • Set and save your Order Display options (or “filters”) so they automatically take effect the next time you view orders and place bids.
  • Place bids from a single screen. Place multiple bids at one time. You stay on the same page after you place a bid. Since you spend less time jumping between bidding screens, you can place your bids faster.
  • Click fewer buttons. Want to bid on all items in an order? Click the Select All button. If partial bids are not allowed, clicking one button will always select all items.
  • View all order types with the same tool. Request standard PhysiBid, Express, In Store Pickup, and CertiBid orders without clicking a different icon.
  • Use new, enhanced filters (such as filtering by specific manufacturer, hide status, or bid status) and find the orders you want to fill more quickly.

The Quick Bid is now the default bidding interface within Shopatron and is visible upon entry to the available order area.