Dealer Resource Center (DRC)

Dealer Resource Center or DRC is a flagship product in our manufacturer support division.

It is an online portal that helps manufacturers communicate:

  • price lists 
  • product information
  • marketing materials
  • hi-res images
  • inventory data
  • latest news and announcements
  • sales promotions
  • much, much more.

DRC solves a notorious communications problem that exists between manufacturers and their dealers and distributors.  It even streamlines inter-office communications within manufacturer’s organization and helps distribute materials to media organizations.

The multi-level and multi-tier access system allows manufacturers customize the user experience of each user or user group, controlling which materials they have access to.

For manufacturer’s who use distributors, DRC allows distributors manage their own network of dealers, tightly controlling the access levels of their own clients.

Give us a call today to let one of our DRC Integration Specialists put together a custom DRC implementation proposal for your manufacturing business.