Irene’s Bakery

We at Irene’s Bakery & Gourmet Kitchen, Inc. are commited to supplying our customers with only the highest quality artisan bakery and prepared foods products.

Our finest traditional Jewish products are made accordingly to the best Jewish recipes to satisfy today’s consumers. Along with Jewish style Bakery and Deli products, we also sell main stream products such as Blintzes, Knishes, Stuffed Cabbage, Soups, Cookies, Rugallah, and our well-known fat and sodium free Biscotti.

All our products are of exceptional quality and taste features – we achieve this by using the best ingredients like Organic Unbleached Flours, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice and Kosher Meats. We do not use food additives, colors, hydrogenated oils, or food preservatives in our operations