Sanuk (rhymes with: sa-look) is a footwear brand based in Southern California. Sanuk, the Thai word for happy, was founded in 1997 by Southern California native Jeff Kelley when he started making sandals out of indoor-outdoor carpet[1].

The first product created was green carpeted and entitled the “Fur Real” after one shop owner asked if the novelty sandal was “For Real.” The Fur Real first became a runaway hit through boutique stores and not the intended surf shops. The novelty act was followed up by a sandal wrapped in wire mesh, a leopard print version, and styles made out of a poncho material in a variety of colors.

In 2007, Sanuk won both the SIMA “Footwear Product of the Year,” and the Footwear Plus Magazine’s “Footwear Industry product of the Year” for their “Sidewalk Surfers.” The Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer is a revolutionary product, featuring a deconstructed shoe upper on a sandal footbed, allowing the foot to bend and flex naturally[2]. With the new construction, the Sidewalk Surfer has been labeled “Not-A-Shoe,” creating a new category in footwear.[3]

Since its inception, Sanuk has differentiated itself through its innovative products, distinctive designs, comfort, and eccentric brand personality.

A company originally deep-rooted in surf, Sanuk is distributed across the United States and in over 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.